Wet Stuff Gold - Default Title - Passionzone Adult Store


Wet Stuff Gold - Default Title - Passionzone Adult Store

Wet Stuff Gold

Wet Stuff


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Water Based
Personal Lubricant
Will not dry out
100% Australian Owned & Produced

Always use a condom and a water based lubricant


  • Wet Stuff is an Extra long lasting lubricant that will not dry out.
  • If lubricant is absorbed into the skin use a little more.
  • Can be used to suppliment natural lubrication before or during sex.
  • Contains no sugars, perfumes, colourings, or oils.
  • Excess can be wiped off with a tissue and will not stain.
  • Can be washed out of fabrics in a normal cold wash. Low irritant formulation: As with all products, if irritation occures stop using product. If irritation continues see a doctor.

    Contains: glycerine, water, propylene glycol, phenonip, potassium sorbate at pH 5.5

  • 100gram

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