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What is a sex toy party ?

A sex toy party is a type of party plan (Think Tupperware with products that are far more exciting) The first sex toy parties were held in the US in the early 1970's and became increasingly popular in the late 1980's early 1990's Generally these parties will be a female-only gathering where participants learn about and have the opportunity to purchase sex toys, lingerie, romantic treats such as body chocolate, massage oils and novelties. 

Why hold a Sex toy party ?

One of the great things about a sex toy party is you don't need a special occasion to host one, While it is true many parties are held for hens night's or birthday parties far more are held for no reason whatsoever, purely as a chance to get your special group of girlfriends around for a great fun get together where laughter is guaranteed and memories will be created.

Who holds a sex toy party ?

We have found such a wide range of ladies enjoy holding and attending sex toy parties. Aged from 18 - 65 +. We often find sex toy parties are organised for special occasions such as 21st birthdays, hens night's ( on many occasions we find the adult toy party will be held early 6.30 - 7pm to kick the night off and at the conclusion of the party its time to go out and hit the club's).Unlike many forms of party plan the sex toy party is out on its own in popularity due to the naughty and fun nature of the products on display. I mean if you want to have a memorable girls night in and enjoy a laugh with your girlfriends, another plastic container to store the leftover spaghetti bolognaise is not really going to cut it is it ? When you are looking to organise an event for your friends and you want it to be fun and something you and your friends will be talking about for months you really cant go past an adult toy party. Whether you should invite grandma we will leave that one up to you.  

Can men attend my adult toy party ?

Of course this is up to you, While most adult toy parties are women only affairs there is nothing to stop you from having a mixed party (check with the adult party plan company first to make sure they cater for mixed parties) We often find however that your friends may be more comfortable viewing and discussing the products on sale without a male presence. And we find most guys are only to happy to have their own bonding session down at the pub or club or watching the footy.

What do I need to do to host a sex toy party ?

The organising of your party can be very simple. Make a list of friends that you would like to invite to your party the more the merrier, aim for around 15 people It is often best to invite more as inevitably there will be some that can't make it on the date and a couple who will drop out at the last minute.10-15 is a good number. Many a good party has been had with less. Many companies have invitations you can download and print at home to give to your friends. And of course in these days of social media an easy way to do this is to create an event on Facebook and invite your guests that way.  

Will I get any benefits myself from hosting a party ?

Most party plan companies have a schedule of benefits for the host of the party, Generally speaking you can get some great FREE products for holding your own party starting with a Free gift for hosting the party and then based on the sales from your party there are Free sex toy products or a percentage of the party sales to spend on yourself,1/2 price items and much more. The exact details obviously vary from company to company.

What payment types are accepted  ?

Most party plan companies require a cash deposit or full payment to be made on the night. Some party plan consultant can have an eftpos machine available. With the advances in payment technology moving along at such a pace, there are now so many more convenient ways to make payment available in the party plan situation including bank transfer, the ability to make payment using a mobile phone, in fact many banks now provide the ability for a party plan consultant to use there mobile phone to accept credit card payments, or of course you can ring and pay by credit card  or deposit into the companies account.

How long does it take to receive products ordered at a sex toy party ?

Generally there are two options with delivery of the orders. Either all the guests pay a lower postage cost on each order, and when all of the guests have paid for their individual orders all orders are sent to the party host to distribute. The other option is the individual guest pays a higher postage cost to have the order sent directly to them. In most cases a combination of the two delivery options can be used.
It is worth remembering that if you elect to have your order sent to the party host the whole order is shipped in one delivery and  you are often at the mercy of the slowest payer. As all guests need to make payment prior to the delivery, if one person delays paying for an extended period it will mean all the other guests have to wait.
Most party plan companies have a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks to allow your guests time to pay for their orders. Many larger companies such as Passionzone have the stock in their warehouse and will be able to ship it out as soon as payment has been made.

Will my friends know what I order?

Many people are private in nature and like to keep the detail of the activities they get up to in the privacy of their bedroom exactly that PRIVATE. Most sex toy party plan companies take orders for their product sales at the conclusion of the demonstration in a discreet manner often in a separate room where each guest can place their order in private. All orders are packed in separate bags clearly marked when sent to the party hostess. In short your friends wont know what you have ordered unless you tell them.

How do I become a sex toy party consultant ?

Most adult party plan companies supply demonstration sex toy kits at a discounted price to allow you to start a new career in the sex toy party industry at a very low initial outlay. Passionzone parties has a great offer for new consultants where you can get started for a very modest deposit and pay the kit off weekly and from your commissions. With a great commission structure and upgrade kits available add to this the fact that the company does all the work in delivery and fulfilment this is without doubt one of the best opportunities you will see to get your new business started in the adult party-plan industry.

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