satisfyer dual pleasure product and packaging


satisfyer dual pleasure product and packaging satisfyer dual pleasure is app compatible satisfyer dual pleasure is rechargeable satisfyer dual pleasure is both clitoral and g-spot vibrator satisfyer dual pleasure uses air wave technology Satisfyer Dual Pleasure

Satisfyer Dual Pleasure



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Double the fun, double the pleasure with the Satisfyer DUAL PLEASURE, it is a Bluetooth enabled clitoral stimulator and internal G-spot vibrator. Made to pair with the award-winning Satisfyer Connect app, the DUAL PLEASURE just brought your sensual journey to a new level!
The tastefully minimalist design of the Satisfyer DUAL PLEASURE features multi-functional aspects, with the option to independently control clitoral Air Pulse pressure waves or stimulating g-spot vibrations. Available in white and mauve, the Satisfyer DUAL PLEASURE is made of 100% body-safe silicone. This sensual vibe is soft to the touch and features a more precise Air Pulse chamber for concentrated stimulation. In addition, thanks to its sensually curved design, when flipped for internal use, the DUAL PLEASURE can easily be used to angle into the treasured g-spot.
The Satisfyer DUAL PLEASURE comes waterproof equipped – for all of your sensual needs. Whether you crave clitoral stimulation or external erogenous play, the DUAL PLEASURE has you covered in all the right ways!

• Whisper mode
• Rechargeable
• Waterproof IPX7
• Body-friendly silicone
• Colour: mauve
• Compatible with any Android or Apple Smartphone, Tablet and Apple Watch
• Unending range of programs with the Satisfyer App (can also be used without the app)
The special thing about this little gem is not only its ergonomic shape and impressive performance, but also its ability to breathe new life into your lovemaking with app control. The Satisfyer Connect App, which is available free of charge for Android and iOS, allows you to connect the Satisfyer Dual Pleasure via Internet or Bluetooth to your smartphone, which you can then use as a remote control. Even your Apple Watch or your tablet can take control of your clitoral stimulation. You can convert ambient sounds into exciting vibrations that you experience directly through your Satisfyer using the app. It’s even possible to convert entire playlists from Spotify into rhythms for your vibrator. Of course, you can also hand over the sceptre to your partner or other users and let them stimulate you via the app – live, remotely, or on video chat. There have never been so many ways to experience pulsating orgasms.
The Satisfyer Connect App is of course GDPR-compliant and meets the German and European data protection guidelines. We use continuous encryption, so your lovemaking stays between you and your partner.

Try the Satisfyer Dual Pleasure with its innovative app control and give your lovemaking a whole new dimension!

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