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Sizzle Lips - Warming Edible Gel

Sizzle Lips


Sensuva have formulated a truly exciting range of massage gels for you to warm up, relax into and wrap your fingers around!

Sizzle Lips will set you alight as you massage or blow against the gel to reveal its hidden heating effect, once massage play is finished feel free to kiss and lick up the delicious excess from these sinful flavours. 

The more you rub it in, the warmer it feels. Sizzle Lips is an especially great tasting, glycerin-based gel with no after-taste.

For external use only. These massage gels are not suitable as a lubricant. Try a silicone based lubricant for more intimate massages.

Hot Butter Rum
Caramel Apple
Pina Colada
Salted Caramel

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