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Ladies Night



Having a Girls Night "In"? Looking for the perfect Bachelorette Party Game? Think you know your Girlfriends? Break out this game to heat up the conversation and prove whether you've really been listening when your gal friends are pouring their hearts out! In Ladies Night, win the game by being the player who best guesses how her friends will answer intimate questions! You'll learn a lot about your friends too through four categories of intimate and interesting questions. Sample questions include: "Which of my old boyfriends would I most like to hear from?" "What is my favorite vice?" Win the game by being the player that best guesses how her friends will answer. Great fun for ALL of your ladies night events.
  • Contents include: 40 just for fun questions,
  • 40 Lifestyle Questions,
  • 40 Style & Beauty Questions,
  • 40 Love and Relationship Questions,
  • Spinner,
  • Answer game pad.
  • For 2-12 players.
  • Ages 15 and up.

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