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Icicles 53



Strap it on or us it all on its own, the blissfully firm, sensationally ribbed, temperature sensitive, and hygienic No. 53 Icicles glass dildo has everything you could want.
A plump tip is gently tapered to insert easily and press up against the g-spot or prostate with some amazing pressure resulting from the hefty weight of the glass while the shaft is fully textured with raised waves that rub up against the inner canals with a sensual massage. The flat, round base enables the No. 53 to stand on its own and be displayed or sat upon with relative ease, plus it provides a useful stop for anal play. It is ideally sized to fit into the O-ring of a harness and transforms into a firm and unyielding strap-on toy.
Play with temperature by placing in some hot or cold water before play, the glass material easily matches its surrounding temperature and on its own will quickly match your internal body temperature for a more natural feeling experience.
Use with your choice of lubrication, the glass material is compatible with any type and the non-porous surface won't absorb your lube so you can get away with only a few drops. The surface discourages the growth of harmful bacteria and can be sterilised in boiling water or in the dishwasher.

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