Who is PassionZone ?

PassionZone Adult Parties is a division of PCP Distributors P/L. A 100% Australian company based on the Central Coast of NSW. With 3 retail adult outlets you can be sure you will have the backing of a reputable company approaching 20 years experience in the adult industry.

How much can i earn ?

The sky is the limit. One of the great things about being your own boss is that what you earn is controlled by your own efforts. The more parties you do the more money you make. As a party plan consultant with PassionZone you can earn between 20%-25% on all the products you sell.

How much does it cost to start ?

We can tailor a PassionZone demonstration kit to suit most budgets with a retail value of $1600 You pay only approx.$600 with a low $99 upfront and the remaining cost can be deducted from your first commissions

Will I receive training ?

We have procedures in place to ensure you receive all the help you need with helpful training material on our website and you tube channel, and our head office is just a phone call away, We also conduct regular training schools

Will I receive a discount on personal purchases ?

Yes, We have a very generous consultant discount of 40% on most personal purchases available after qualifying period

What do I need to do to join ?

We make it easy to start a new career in the adult party plan industry. Just a small deposit is required to get the ball rolling, You will need a positive attitude, outgoing personality, be over 18 years , Reliable transport, phone and computer with internet access to submit orders online. You will also need to have a minimum of four parties booked and confirmed when taking advantage of the $99 deposit plan, We recommend you start with friends and family initially to gain experience in a more relaxed setting.

Will I be able to accept credit card payments at parties ?

Passionzone will provide the technology for you to take payments by credit card at your parties and best of all we provide this to you FREE. This can be a fantastic aid to maximise the sales potential of every party and ensure you have every opportunity to make those extra sales that you may not otherwise get. We also provide many convenient payment methods to make it easy for your customers to pay for there purchases.

Why do some other companies quote higher commission rates ?

Some companies structure there business in a totally different manner. All is not as it seems. Don't be fooled by these offers. As is often said, if it sound too good to be true it generally is. While 30%-50% commissions sound good in theory, you need to look a bit closer to understand how they come up with these numbers. You The consultant becomes the customer. You have to chase payment from your customers, pay in full up front before placing the order and quiet often before the company even places the order with there supplier.. You then need to package & deliver & post all the orders yourself, All these factors can add a considerable delay to the process resulting in unhappy customers all blaming you for the delays.You also meet the cost of any hostess gifts & incentives for customers. Here at PassionZone we like to take the hard work out of the administration side of things for you. We effectively work for you, processing the orders and following up any loose ends to ensure the whole procedure runs smoothly
"Do the party, Submit the orders, Put your feet up and let us do the rest."

How do I submit my orders

As a PassionZone consultant you will receive access to your own cloud based POS register where you can enter your orders directly to our system.

Do I have to pay for hostess rewards ?

At PassionZone we provide  the most generous hostess rewards in the business. We don't do this because we want to give stuff away. We provide these benefits  to your customers to ensure our consultants have the best opportunity to further their business by providing the incentive for customers and their guests to book a party with YOU. We also provide incentives for guests to book parties from the host party. All this provides you the consultant with the best chance to grow YOUR business.

We accept these payment methods:

Amex Mastercard Paypal Visa